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Interrupted Paths features painted collage works that are a continuation of a series I have been working on over the last several years. Relying on an undulating, striated pattern, they are sometimes seen as resembling natural and geological forms while I intend for their flatness, painted mark and textures to remind us that they are constructions of a painter's workings. As the patterns of stripes make their way across the canvases they seek to be seen as consisting of or originating from one source, in this case, a striated pattern which begins as a drawing and is used as a template for the overall pattern of each canvas.  However, they are not allowed to continue without interruption. Rather, the pattern becomes about transitions in color, tone and texture making for a more varied and complex outcome. For the viewer, what is initially a visual experience may become more as we see connections to pattern and interruptions in our own lives and environments. 

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